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Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me

Play Smarter Kids is an enrichment center and preschool, providing enrichment classes, academic centered care, summer camps, workshops, and events for children 2-10 years of age.


Playful Learning + Storytelling

We believe in the power of playful learning, and our imaginative programs were carefully

crafted to combine literacy with hands on play based learning.

Our rhyming stories help improve literacy, strengthen communication, and increase retention, while play-based activities help reinforce learning concepts. Small class sizes ensure for individual learning and a relaxed learning environment that encourages participation and imagination.      .

Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me

Summer Programs

 Browse our wide variety of  this year's summer classes, camps, and

Kid's club drop off care for kids 3-10.

Fall Programs

Learn more about our fall programs including our PSK Preschool, Toddler Time, Enrichment Classes, and events for kids 2-10. 


Story time meets PLAY! 

Discover more about how our rhyming stories help enhance literacy skills, strengthen communication, and increase retention while keeping lessons engaging  and interactive.



"Our son struggled in occupational therapy and in speech but has absolutely soared at Play Smarter.  He has gone from A to Z in just a month!  Their story-based curriculum is one-of-a-kind, hands-on, and is designed to stimulate both sides of the brain simultaneously.

Your kiddos are missing out if they're not going here!"

Ashley C.

Hunter's mom


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