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Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me

Our summer programs are filled with themed story adventures and tons of playful learning activities that are designed to encourage imagination, and creative thinking.

All of our programs have a maximum of  10 children to maximize fun and individual activities.

Flexible scheduling allows families to Play Smarter on individual days, during your favorite weekly camps & classes, or all summer long. We can create custom scheduling too!


AM Camps: 9am - 12:30pm       PM Camps: 1pm - 4:30pm


Ages 20months - 10 years old

Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me
Preschool Near Me

toddler Camps

Toddler Camps are offered as a Mother's Day Out Program  from 9am - noon, or 1pm - 4:00 pm. Toddlers explore themed classes & camps filled with activities that encourage speech, fine motor, and cognitive development.


$135/ week

JR. camps

Our Jr. camps are offered as AM or PM Camps held  Monday - Friday. Join us all week long, or for the days that best fit your schedule!   Kids 3- 7 explore our themed camps through captivating stories that incorporate cooking, science, robotics, art & more. Students are separated into groups by age.


$45/ day or $197/ camp

school aged WORKSHOPS

Our school aged workshops are held throughout the summer.


Students 7- 10 explore themed workshops through exciting  project based activities that encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

$45/ workshop

Coming Soon!


Come explore and play with us for our one hour classes held throughout the week, and on Saturdays.

Discover how we make playful powerful through our story led classes that are filled with learning activities, projects, and more!

$145/ 8 week sesson


WEEK ONE -  June 1st - June 5th

dino tales.png

Become a Dino detective while learning all about dinosaurs! Go on fossil finds, build your very own time machine, dino scavenger hunts, and explore tons of science, art projects, and robotics! 

Dino Tales

9a - 12:30p

homestead kitchen.png

Homestead Kitchen

9a - 12:30p

Welcome to the PSK Homestead! While on the farm we'll explore where farm grown food comes from, how it grows and pioneer new ways to cook healthy farm fresh foods. Homesteaders create  farm fresh recipes, log daily farm facts, and more in their PSK farmers almanac. 

Animal Adventures.png

Animal Adventures 

1p - 4:30p

Join us for a week of animal adventures! Learn all about new places, amazing animals, and robotics. Playful stories introduce little ones to biology, engineering and more as they create an animal story adventure of their very own.


WEEK TWO -  June 8th - June 12th

fairy tale science.png

Fairy Tale Science 

9a - 12:30p

Uncover science through silly stories & classic fairy tales!  Help dancing dragons, funny fairies, and more as you collect science treasures with each silly story. Save the day with electronics, pH potions, fairy tale physics and chemistry crafts.

crazy construction.png

Crazy Construction

9a - 12:30p

Calling all engineers!  Learn basic engineering concepts, explore electronics, build giant creations, and discover robotics, basic programming and more! Engineers keep a portfolio of their daily designs and creations to add to their collections at home!

silly science stories.png

Silly Science Stories 

1p - 4:30p

It’s the perfect combination of funny stories, & chemistry! Get creative with tons of hands on sensory activities as we explore chemical reactions, polymers, slimy science experiments, technology & more. Little chemists create a photo book filled with their daily science & chemistry creations!

WEEK THREE -  June 15th - June 19th

star wars.png

Star Wars S.T.E.A.M

9a - 12:30p

In a galaxy far far away PSK Star Wars Fans explore science and robotics as they uncover the secrets of the galaxy and explore the universe. Create light sabers, construct droids, and learn all about the force!

music & Art.jpeg

Music & Art Adventures

9a - 12:30p

 Join us for the perfect combination of music & art! Little ones explore different instruments, styles of music, learn art techniques and more. Students take home tons of new musical skills, performance recordings, and art projects!

Baking Bash.jpeg

Kitchen Quests 

1p - 4:30p

Little ones explore the kitchen and the world through our tasty travel stories! In the kitchen,chefs create and explore foods from around the word. Explore technology to createrecipe books and cooking videos to take home with the at the end of camp!


WEEK FOUR  -  June 22nd - June 26th


Space Odyssey

9a - 12:30p

Blast off into space as we explore this galaxy & imagine others. Explore early robotics, far out science, & learn about our solar system. PSK astronauts keep a daily video log of their space exploration space activities!

jungle bots.png

Jungle Bot Adventures

9a - 12:30p

Learn all about animals, robotics and more in our Jungle Bots Camp! Meet Nile the crocodile, Brian the Lion and their friends as they introduce campers to engineering, basic programming, and a wild jungle journey. Our day's adventure is captured through pictures that go home at the end of camp.


LEGO Play-botics 

1p - 4:30p

Each day is a new legend of LEGO proportions! Each new LEGO story introduces students to both guided and open robotics, programming and elementary engineering of epic proportions in areas such as: extreme habitats, space and animals.

WEEK FIVE -  June 29th - July 3rd

treasure hunt.jpeg

Treasure Hunt Tales  

9a - 12:30p

Explore the world through treasure hunts, clues, and puzzles! Discover geography, the ocean, and travel to a new part of the world to uncover clues that lead to a daily treasure.

Baking Bash.jpeg

Baking Bash

9a - 12:30p

Bake your way through the science of cooking! Bake a new desserts as we explore the science behind baking your favorite sweets, treats, and more! Follow cooking clues, have bake offs with other chefs, and keep a book of classic recipes and brand new ones created by you!

bugging out bot.jpeg

Bugging Out Bots 

1p - 4:30p

Learn all about nature's bugs; both everyday critters and the strange! Create bug robots, explore local and exotic bug habitats and more! Each entomologist takes home a bug book complete with research, stories and bug observations.

WEEK SIX -  July 6th - July 10th


Christmas in July 

9a - 12:30p

It's halfway to the happiest time of the year! join us as we celebrate Christmas in July with robotics, science, electronics art, and more!


Underwater Adventures

9a - 12:30p

Discover what lies in the deep blue sea! Explore the world through treasure hunts, clues, and puzzles. Discover geography, animal biology, the ocean, and travel to a new part of the world to uncover clues that lead to the day's treasure.

Wizard Picture.png

Wizardry Science  

1p - 4:30p

Explore science through exciting wizardry tales! Learn all about PH potions, create crystals, explore optical illusions, & more. Create your own cape, take home tons of biology & wizard science, and create your very own PSK potions book!

WEEK SEVEN  -  July 13th - July 17th


Spy Science

9a - 12:30p

Become a top secret spy! Discover robotics, geography, and the world while on a mission to solve different mysteries. Construct roaring lions while discovering the jungle scavenger hunts, uncover clues in Egyptian pyramids, and more!

folk arts & crafts.jpeg

Folk Arts & Crafts 

9a - 12:30p

Discover culture and heritage of folk art,  learn crafting arts such as the art of soap and candle making, sewing, jewelry making and more. Artists take their art creations home daily throughout camp.

summer steam.jpeg

Summer Time S.T.E.A.M

1p - 4:30p

It's the perfect combination of science, technology, engineering, art, cooking, music, and math activities. Full of hands on activities, this camp is perfect for kids with busy hands & big imaginations. 


WEEK EIGHT -  July 20th - July 24th


Superhero Science   

9a - 12:30p

Join the PSK Super Heroes! Save the day using slimy science,  sidekick robots, and electronics. Discover new clues and solve a new case each day, and create your very own super hero story!

tea party.jpeg

Tea Party Tales

9a - 12:30p

Join us for tea party tales! We'll toast to a new tea party each day while we explore the science behind lip balms, bath bombs, tasty tea brews and more! Each party is themed and party is commemorated by a photograph that is put into a tea album to take home at the end of the week.

art adventures.jpeg

Art Adventures

1p - 4:30p

Discover a world of art through science & robotics! Learn all about different artists while creating sculptures, paintings, and more. Program robots to give funky brushstrokes, explore tons of different art techniques, & design your own masterpieces!

WEEK NINE-  July 27th - July 31st


Gardening Guild

9a - 12:30p

Learn all about plants, gardening, and ecosystems through stories, scavenger hunts, and more! Guilder maker their own gardening almanac, and take home plants from their gardening adventures.

computer detectives.png

Computer Detectives

9a - 12:30p

Explore a new mission each day as a computer detective! While on the case, detectives find clues, go on treasure hunts, and solve new cases using their very own laptop. Explore science experiments, construct robots, engineering projects, and solve a new case each day!

techno transportation.png

Techno Transportation

1p - 4:30p

All aboard! Our techno transportation campers are taking a digital journey around the USA using trains, planes, and automobiles. Learn how vehicles work and how they were created while exploring hands on building, science, and robotics at each new daily stop.

WEEK TEN  -  August 3rd - August 7th


Learn all about past inventors while improving and creating new inventions. Full of tons of engineering, robotics, fun science, and hands on learning, early inventors use their imaginations to solve problems and create new inventions.

Inventors Jr.

9a - 12:30p


Unicorn Tales

9a - 12:30p

Discover culture and heritage of folk art,  learn crafting arts such as the art of soap and candle making, sewing, jewelry making and more. Artists take their art creations home daily throughout camp.


Creative Cooking

1p - 4:30p

Get creative in the kitchen while we explore new foods, recipes and more! Little chefs can choose to cook from recipes or get creative with their own options of ingredients, and take home a cookbook at the end of camp!

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